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Fiberglass composites into the international market, "three snag"

Edit:Ningbo CiHeng Fiberglass Co.,Ltd  UpDate:2015-06-29

Now, in State industries under the macro-control policies, number of enterprise in China glass fiber industry, small scale and fragmented situation has improved, and gradually form a State-owned enterprise dominated, reasonable pattern of strong support of private enterprise. As a major branch of industrial textiles field of glass fiber composites industry companies are numerous and dispersed, and the vast majority of enterprises, to SMEs, or even a cottage business, low industrial concentration, small scale, irrational structure of lack of competitiveness, low product quality, it is an indisputable fact. Enhance the industry's overall level, determine the direction of development of composites industry, means and modes are a top priority. Specifically, the improvement from 3.

First, thermoplastic 工艺 Direction, focusing on technology development and catch up with the international advanced level.

Thermoplastic composites for its light weight, impact resistance and toughness of fatigue, short cycle, in particular recyclable property, play an increasingly important role in the field of composite materials, become the hot points and trends of global development.

Developed on thermoplastic composite of research and production started more early, in recent years more is increased efforts, for has in-depth of research, and development and industrialization production, in many core field made breakthrough, China currently is in technology lower, and dedicated equipment behind of State, while production small, and varieties less, performance and abroad similar products compared also has gap, exists obviously insufficient, General Shang also belongs to just started stage.

Second, equipment automation, intelligence, and information for the transformation means, get rid of manual operations, construction scale of large groups.

Automation of production equipment can be implemented using industrial robots.

The automation advantages of the use of industrial robots. First of all, in the context of rising labor costs, companies using industrial robots to replace workers, can increase productivity by a few times and significantly reduce operating costs. Secondly, in certain trades which require high precision, such as stamping, casting, heat treatment, welding, painting, plastic molding, machining, machine performance is stable, lower error rates. In addition, the machine can replace humans in hazardous materials removal work, achieve green production, which no doubt will greatly enhance the competitiveness of enterprises to accelerate business transformation.

Third, break boundaries, and build industry alliances, developing new markets.

Not sure whether the glass fiber composites have been used in aerospace, energy, industrial and other "Advanced" field, more grounded post people's livelihood in civilian areas, cross-industry combination for composites open up a wide range of application spaces.

Has become China's rural economic growth, an important pillar in the aquaculture industry, containing the composite material tremendous business opportunities in the market, made of LFT-D material housing clean leakage fecal floor, can meet the needs of large-scale farming enterprise scale. Starting with leakage fecal derivatives to other livestock products, in provincial animal husbandry facilities built products processing factories to the surrounding radiation, Association of food, fashion , integrate regional resources, promising, market size is expected to reach 70 billion ~800 billion.

In addition, with the development of urbanization, the new community and road facilities--covers a sharp increase in the demand for, and high cost of traditional cast iron manhole covers, theft is serious, pedestrian injury, vehicle damage occurred, has been troubled by the problem in the construction sector. Glass fiber composite well cover weight than cast iron well cover to light 2/3, using life in 20 years above, is cast iron well cover of 1 time times, and price just cast iron well cover of 80%, it not only appearance beautiful, and electric insulation performance good, waterproof, and resistance aging, and acid alkali, and strength high, and anti-impact, and wear, and fear rain, and antistatic, and anti-theft, can any coloring, installation, and maintenance, and identification convenient, market potential unprecedented huge.

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