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Remanufactured equipment replacement costs fiberglass industry improve competitiveness

Edit:Ningbo CiHeng Fiberglass Co.,Ltd  UpDate:2015-11-26

As the fiberglass industry enhanced attention to the full life-cycle cost per kilowatt, wind power industry in manufacturing is expected to help lower the cost of a new approach.

It is understood that in the wind power industry 70% of fault spare parts maintenance value. Therefore, improving the recycling rate of damaged parts will greatly reduce operation and maintenance costs. At present, the operation of the wind power industry enterprise maintenance has been made for the remanufacturing, repair or other technology to ensure the quality of manufactured products as much as the new. Relevant data show that compared with manufacturing new products, remanufactured products can save the cost of 50%, 60% energy, material 70%, hardly produces solid waste.

According to reports, the current bottleneck in the development of remanufacturing industry there are two, one is a reverse logistics system, is how to get the old life returns to the original manufacturer. Second is a collection of quality acceptance criteria.

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