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Five changes in the aviation field, self adhesive fiberglass mesh played no small role

Edit:Ningbo CiHeng Fiberglass Co.,Ltd  UpDate:2016-04-27

2015, with F-35, and A400M, and B787, and A350, beauty Europe new civil-military with main products full into batch production stage, composite main bearing force structure non-hot tank alternative, and engine core parts design manufacturing increased material of and non-metallic of, and body Assembly intelligent of upgrade, drop this increased effect technology became development focus; while, a new metal in aviation manufacturing show out huge of application prospects and industry value. Aviation manufacturing industry structure in technology and market forces are dramatically changing. 2016 world aviation manufacturing technology and industrial development trend of transformation of the pattern will continue to 2015.

 , Non-autoclave replacement lead composites manufacturing system

Non-autoclave technology into the main bearing structure made of thermoset composites field. In March 2015, NASA began to mix blended wing-body aircraft concept for the future of non-pressurized module validation testing cylindrical composite, which verify that the parts built by Boeing non autoclave process. In April, Russia delivered MS-21 company airliner air composite first set of non-autoclave process Composites Center wing box, the aircraft wing skin from non-autoclave manufactured, this is the first time for large civil aircraft. Thermoplastic composites in a supporting part in the increasingly more popular. Airbus said the A350 is already used more than 1500 parts, and under the EU framework programmes has been engaged in large-scale main supporting structure of thermoplastic composites. Bombardier unveiled a new thermoplastic composite carrier technology applied to airplane wings, the central wing box and the hydraulic and fuel tank bracket, but metal parts weight of at least 40%. Aurora flight Sciences unveiled the fastest, largest additive manufacturing drones, their body with thermoplastic composite material manufactured through Fused deposition modeling processes.

2016 and in the next few years, as the technology matures, costs reduced, more manufacturers of composite structures from the point of view of economy and short cycle, select non-autoclave material and technology, this composite structures design, manufacturing processes, new raw materials and manufacturing equipment as well as the supply chain transformation.

 Second, additive manufacturing and ceramic matrix composite technology to subvert the existing engine concepts

Additive manufacturing into the core of the engine parts production. February 2015, the GE Aviation GE90-94B high pressure compressors the use of additive manufacturing T25 sensors through the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) airworthiness certification, became the first active engine additive manufacturing parts, GE Aviation of additive manufacturing is also testing in the GEnx tial alloy low pressure turbine blades. Pratt said additive manufacturing technologies for the first time in the industry to produce the engine compressor stator and synchronizing ring brackets. In June, Luo Luo produced the largest additive manufacturing engine components-"Trent" XWB-97 titanium alloy front bearings engine 1.5 meters in diameter, contains 48 blade components of additive manufacturing technology is also used in the production.

Ceramic matrix composites (CMC) made important breakthroughs in engine application. In 2015, AIR GE F414 engine low-pressure turbine blade successfully tested the world's first non-static sub components of light, high temperature resistant CMC parts, showcased its excellent ability of high temperature resistance and durability; in addition, the company also experimented on the GEnx combustion chamber lining inside and outside the ring, the first-stage high pressure turbine heat shield and second-stage high pressure turbine guide vane. GE Aviation will be in United States domestic construction of sic ceramic fibers and silicon carbide ceramic unidirectional two factories, which will break the Japan monopoly of silicon carbide ceramic fibre supply.

Also, also has three a milestone event worth concern: a is Australia Federal light metal center used France game peak group of design, completely used increased material manufacturing technology production has two Taiwan Jet engine concept validation machine; II is United States national aviation NASA (NASA) and Honeywell company, is for "to increased material manufacturing achieved non-metallic gas turbo engine" of project, manufacturing out has CMC high pressure Turbo nozzle, series composite component Three Germany Alex Braun Institute of Hove in the blisk on the basis of additive manufacturing, proposes traditional additive manufacturing to new digital photon production of "production 2.0" concepts.

2016 and in the next few years, additive manufacturing technologies mature and composites will overturn the existing engine design and manufacturing, will even cause the main additive manufacturing and/or composite production engines appeared, it is understandable why GE additive manufacturing and technical capacity of composite parts such as CMC clenched in my hand, because it represents a future of Aero-Engine.

 Third, the intelligent revolution in aircraft assembly area first

Intelligent automation in the field of aircraft Assembly to emerge. In early 2015, United Kingdom GKN says it will lead the industry enterprises further EU "future wing structure enabling validation and integration of the manufacturing technology" project, the research and development wing design, manufacturing and Assembly technology for the future of the market, enhance the level of automation and intelligent. In July, Boeing demonstrated its "Black Diamond" program, one of its objectives is to promote projects based on the model, validation will be more automated assembly technology into manufacturing of complex aircraft structures. In January 2016, Boeing won a "body fully automated manufacturing plants" patent shows automated guided vehicle based mobile robots and automated, reconfigurable and removable smart production concept. Augmented reality and wearable technology will enable aircraft assembly workers ' skills can be a revolutionary improvement. In May 2015, Boeing in the tanker assembly line shows a flat augmented reality tools, mechanic can see the real world he is assembling torque box unit, can also see the digital guide, parts and arrows to enhance vision in the real world. In June, Airbus demonstrated a wearable technology, can help the operator reduce the complexity of Assembly of cockpit seats, saving time to complete the task, the technology is currently being industrialized A330 cockpit installation.

Also, October 2015, United States digital manufacturing and design innovation institutions started has "automatically Assembly planning" and United States Defense senior research plans Council (DARPA) "since adapted carries device" of follow-up project "mechanical Assembly of automatically tolerance distribution", two items research results was institutions core members Boeing, and Los grams Greek de? Martin, and GE Aviation, and Luo Luo company, application Hou, will further upgrade aviation Assembly in the of intelligent of level.

Research on modeling and simulation of real-time in-situ Adaptive processing, automatic generation of Assembly instructions, based on advanced measurement and flexible concept of self Assembly, who works with mobile robots, intelligent wearable augmented reality and promotion of workers, are several main directions of us and European aviation manufacturers. 2016 and in the next few years, aircraft Assembly will be the first large scale application of intelligent technology, and extended to other areas of manufacturing and design, when aviation will become more and more "front end", increasingly rely on "strategy" game of the aviation industry from the "cyberspace" to a winner from the start.

 Four, completely changing the metal structure of new materials and manufacturing system

New aluminum alloy products into a new generation of aviation equipment weight, reduce the contributions. Lockheed Martin uses a named "Beralcast" material to reduce the cost of F-35 manufacturing, the material is an alloy of beryllium, stiffness is aluminum 4 times, compared with its 1/5 in quality, it is expected that the material and its fast, high yielding manufacturing processes will lead to 30%~40% costs. Germany MTU engines company Pratt Whitney engine company gear (GTF) has developed a new titanium alloy in December 2015, airworthiness certification, the nickel-alloy combined with the advantages of metallic and ceramic materials used for turbine blade design is lighter than existing nickel alloy components in half, greatly optimized design of turbine disk, the engine weight.

Revolutionary new materials can be used for aeronautical structures manufacture. Boeing in October 2015 the world's lightest metal, it is a micro-Crystal nickel-phosphorus alloy, has a wall thickness of only 100 nm tube structure, carbon fiber is still 10 times, but very hard, and full recovery after compression 50%, super high energy absorption capacity. In January 2016, Raytheon announced a super lightweight metal structure, the material consists mainly of magnesium, and into the dense and uniform distribution of sic Nano-ceramic particles, which has a "record" of strength and modulus and mass production.

2016 and in the next few years, research breakthroughs, and the basis integrated computational materials engineering (ICME) progress, will also enable the new materials emerge, if the maturity of technologies and manufacturing upgrading application system so that it can be achieved, will overturn the current aerospace product design and manufacturing process.

 Wu, aviation manufacturing supply chain system changes

Supply market situation changes for aviation titanium alloy. In July 2015, the United States aluminum company in less than 9 months to complete the United Kingdom Furi Shing, Germany TITAL and United States acquisition of RTI international metals company to speed up arrangement for aviation titanium alloys as well as additive manufacturing market. In August, Buffett announced $ 37.2 billion acquisition of precision casting company, a foray into aircraft manufacturing industry. Facing competition from big capital, in September, Alcoa made split decisions, accelerate downstream metals processing business transformation services and, long-term supply contracts signed in 2015, the total amount of US $ 9 billion Aerospace business is key to its restructuring.

Aero composite supply surge in market concentration. In December 2015, Belgium Solvay company for $ 5.5 billion to complete the United States Cytec acquisitions, aviation composite material suppliers to second place on the sat. Affected by this, in January 2016, industry leader Hershey Company also bought only a year ago, half the United Kingdom Formax bought whole. In addition, in July 2015 and August, Canada Avcorp industries and United Kingdom Kit company puts Germany SGL subsidiary Hitco company and United Kingdom section of BAM composites business takeover of the company, further stirring carbon fiber composite structures supply market.

2016 and the future years, aviation manufacturing field of based supply system will produced upheaval, range more wide of integration, and level deeper of restructuring, will became aviation manufacturing industry pattern change of important milestone, its results, is has may is aviation based material and the parts supply chain of oligarchs monopoly degree, ahead pyramid top of main contractor, even on future products development of discourse right produced important effect.

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