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National glass fiber grid cloth industry 2016 work will be held in shangyou County

Edit:Ningbo CiHeng Fiberglass Co.,Ltd  UpDate:2016-05-03

From April 26 to 28th, the national glass fiber grid cloth industry in 2016 be held in Judah. China composites industry association and fiberglass composites industry experts and Ministry leaders, provincial and municipal information Commission, city building material industry promoted group leaders and representatives of China's fiberglass composite industry entrepreneurs attended the meeting.
During the meeting, relevant leaders, experts interpreted the fiber composites industry "Thirteen-Five plan" to discuss the development direction of the industry and science and technology innovation. Showcase on new fiberglass composites industry in recent years and new technologies, identifies large-scale, lightweight and structures are new directions for development of composites industry as a whole to develop in the high value-added direction.
Participants also visited the fiberglass composite Enterprise Judah, Judah fiberglass composites industry development of pulse diagnosis, recommendations. In recent years, the shangyou County based on market demand and industrial base, new composite fiberglass industry as a focus on the cultivation of leading industries of the County. Unswervingly follow the industry cluster development, speeding up the technological upgrading of enterprises and increasing investment and expansion, formed from the drawing, weaving, glass fiber composite materials, to fiberglass products a complete industrial chain, become important in central China's fiberglass composite industry production base. In 2013, the information Commission of Jiangxi grants shangyou "fiberglass and composites industry base in the province" title, in 2014, the recognized shangyou fiberglass composites industry in Jiangxi province, established as one of the province's major clusters of 60. In 2015, China building materials Federation awarded the shangyou "development of China's fiberglass composite industry cluster base" title.

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