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  • Plastic expansion insulation nails

    Plastic expansion insulation nailsView Details
    Plastic expansion insulation nails is the thermal insulation panels fixed to the walls of a special engineering plastics expansion screw. Heat preservation nails is the outer wall heat preservation dedicated anchorages, widely used in building decoration, wall housing anchor. By galvanized screws, nylon up tubes and fixed circular pieces.

  • Crack resistance of exterior wall mesh

    Crack resistance of exterior wall meshView Details
    Crack resistance of exterior wall mesh is a kind of glass fiber grid cloth, its primary role is to improve the mechanical strength of the surface layer to ensure continuity of resistance of the decorative layer, spread pavement contraction stress and thermal stress to avoid stress concentration, temperature and humidity resistance nature change and surface cracking caused by accidental impact.

  • External wall insulation mesh

    External wall insulation meshView Details
    External wall insulation mesh is in soda or glass fiber as raw material, woven glass fiber mesh to the substrate, and then by coating after drying acrylic liquid and into a new kind of insulation mesh. Is one of the important reinforcements in exterior insulation system, system to improve cracking resistance and impact resistance role.

  • Wall insulation within mesh cloth

    Wall insulation within mesh clothView Details
    Interior wall insulation mesh is of alkali or alkali-free glass fiber mesh substrate coating modified by acrylate glue together. With a light weight, high strength, temperature resistance, alkali resistance, waterproof, corrosion resistance, crack resistance, dimensional stability and so on. Overall surface tension can effectively avoid the plaster layer shrinkage and cracking caused by external force, sheer mesh is often used for wall renovation and interior wall insulation.

  • Fire mesh

    Fire meshView Details
    Application of fire retardant mesh and more linked to the advertising industry, and is basically used for high-rise buildings walls involved advertising, due to the special material characteristics of mesh, more strong and more durable than ordinary cloth, and combines the function of fire, is a choice for many customers.

  • Air flue mesh

    Air flue meshView Details
    Air flue mesh suitable for various electrical coils, pieces of insulation and insulation banding. Widely used for dry-type transformer, reactor, electric stove. For making pipe and inclined spiral coil, antenna and so on. According to the customer requirements.

  • -Cement flue components grid

    -Cement flue components gridView Details
    Mesh fabric is mainly used in cement flue components on the wall reinforcement (such as fiber glass mesh walls, GRC wall panel, EPS external wall insulation Board, gypsum board, etc), can also be used in such areas as fire Board and wheel base.

  • Alkali flue mesh

    Alkali flue meshView Details
    Mesh alkali flue is a glass fiber woven fabric as the base material, and is formed by polymer emulsion treatment, has good soft tenacity, locating, alkali-resistant, acid-resistant, high-strength, waterproof, crack, and many other advantages, in the field of modern architecture also has a soft steel said.

  • Mesh cloth

    Mesh clothView Details
    Good positioning mesh cloth, fabric flat, longitude and tidy, this product is a soft plastic (pp alkali emulsion) coating. Soft cloth, construction much easier than other manufacturers of products for Interior and exterior wall used encryption mesh is woven fabrics of glass fibre as substrate, and is formed by polymer alkali liquid, the product of high strength, good toughness, good alkali resistance, persistent resistance to alkaline substances pedants are cement and concrete products-good choice.

  • LaTeX mesh

    LaTeX meshView Details
    LaTeX mesh fiberglass mesh used for concrete projects, you need to have soft, good position, the advantages of high strength corrosion and alkali-resistant. And by core-shell emulsion polymerization method, introduced in the shell aggregations silicone, preparation of modified acrylic emulsion. -Emulsion coating with softness, not adhesion, high strength, alkali resistance strength retention rate of up to 84.2%.

  • Big eye mesh (green)

    Big eye mesh (green)View Details
    Big eye mesh (green), fire protection, thermal insulation, sound insulation, insulation. Mainly used in reinforced cement products, waterproofing membrane, asphalt roofing, good impact resistance.

  • Fiber mesh

    Fiber meshView Details
    Also called reticular fibers, reticular fiber network of polypropylene fiber, is a polypropylene as raw materials, through special processing and manufactured. The appearance of multiple filament Crosslinking network structure.

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